Consulting & Strategy Planning

Even though your organization knows what your e-Learning & Talent Management goals need to be, you may still need the help of an external consultant to outline what needs to be accomplished in order to realize those goals.

At Talentova, consultation & strategy planning services draw from Talentova’s project management and technical professionals who take a pragmatic approach to consultation that involves identifying e-Learning & Talent Management objectives that can be resolved in the immediate, short, and long terms.

Consutling & Strategy Planning
Custom Development & Integration Solutions

Custom Development & Integration Solutions

Talentova’s dedicated software development team is ready to support your organization’s e-Learning & Talent Management objectives by planning and executing a product road map that:

Implements current Talentova e-Learning & Talent Management Software

configured to suit your organization’s unique needs.

Fills-In Gaps with Custom-Developed Solutions

using agile project management to ensure you’re getting a product that matches defined objectives.

Integrates the Software from 3rd Parties

that your organization is already using to meet objectives that will complement your new Talentova solution.

Immersive Training

Training your organization’s Talent Management staff on Talentova’s software is a simple process where staff members are trained by roles. Although Training Specialists develop unique training plans for each client, each new Talentova client can expect the following core training services:

Introduce IT & Key Managers to High-Level Administration Roles

Users responsible for providing overall management of your e-Learning & Talent Management software solution are trained on system-wide administration functions.

Train Department-Specific Leaders on Granular Administration Roles

A number of your staff may not need to be full System Administrators, but still require high-level access to tools that manage their specific department or team’s talent management objectives.

Offer Learning & Talent Management Content Creation Sessions

Talentova provides training for content creators and instructors on software that is used for learning content creation, management and delivery such as our Enterprise LMS.

Immersive Training

Flexible Hosting Solutions


Cloud-Based Hosting

Talentova’s Cloud Hosting services are the perfect solution for scalable enterprise e-Learning & Talent Management solutions. With cloud hosting, your organization:

  • Reduce workload on your IT Staff. Our team will look after upgrades and maintenance so your team doesn’t have to.
  • Increase uptime. Our enterprise-grade hosting infrastructure supports maximum uptime for unfettered access to your e-Learning & Talent Management services.
  • Decrease maintenance periods. We schedule software updates for off-hours times.
  • Immediate Software Improvement Access. Our software updates are implemented seamlessly, which means your organization benefits from the improvements we make without having to worry about installing new versions.
  • Protect sensitive data. Talentova’s security and hosting facility was designed to meet military-grade standards to ensure your data is safe and secure.


Installed Hosting

For organizations that want to continue building their leading-edge technological infrastructure and technology plans, Talentova can provide versatile onsite installed hosting services for our software. We start by having a skilled Technology Analyst design a hosting solution specifically suited to your project requirements and technology infrastructure, and support this solution with technical support services designed to assist your IT Administrators with software maintenance. With our Installed Hosting services, your organization will:

  • Be supported by a Talentova Systems Administration Specialist who’ll help your IT team leverage industry-leading security and connectivity standards and technique.
  • Be free to scale your e-Learning & Talent Management solution at your IT team’s discretion.