No form of training is as tried, tested and true as mentoring. That’s why many organizations are finding ways to incorporate mentoring programs in to their human resources processes so that staff and other key stakeholders can learn and grow with the knowledge they gain from their more experienced peers.

In order to facilitate how mentoring programs are administered, Talentova offers a purpose-built Mentoring Software solution that seamlessly integrates with our e-Learning and Talent Management systems.

Each Mentoring Software client benefits from an initial in-depth consulting and planning session to identify and plan-out how their mentoring programs can be better-delivered. Learn more about the benefits of choosing our Mentoring Software solution below:

360º Tailored Mentoring Solution

Your organization’s mentoring needs are unique, and evolve with your staff. We understand how to meet these needs and have crafted a 360 degree solution that grows with your team.

  • Custom Configured & Branded

    No two mentoring solutions are alike. That’s why Talentova offers customized design services with our Mentoring Software solutions, and can configure our software’s functionality based on your specific mentoring objectives.

  • Mobile Optimized

    Manage your mentors, mentees and mentoring programs from devices your staff use the most such as tablets and smartphones from mobile-friendly User Interfaces.

  • Mentoring Coaching & Consulting

    Talentova professionals are here to help your organization adapt to changing mentoring requirements using consulting services that will help you to define a mentoring programs that match your evolving needs.

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Support Multiple Programs

Proven mentoring methodologies can be effortlessly-implemented with your Organization thanks to purpose-built Mentoring Software modules and functionality that enable:

  • One-on-One Programs

    Mentoring in its purest form. Pair the perfect mentee with the most suited mentor for one-on-one programs designed for transferring unique skills and knowledge.

  • Coach-Driven Programs

    Leaders in your organization can be classified as Coaches and can oversee partnerships in coach-driven mentoring programs.

  • Group Mentoring

    Group Mentoring programs are ideally-suited for growing organizations faced with the challenge of sharing one person’s skillset with multiple mentees such as new hires.

Program Features

The secret to Talentova’s Mentoring Software solutions success is in the breadth of functionality offered by our common platform. Each mentoring solution can benefit from advanced features,
such as:

  • Matching & Searching

    Versatile filtering and our IntelliMatch algorithm gives users unparalleled matching, searching and pairing power.

  • Custom Workflow

    Automate numerous system and mentoring-related processes with a drag-and-drop workflow editor.

  • Goal Tracking

    Allow mentors and mentees to define specific goals that can be tracked to ensure mentoring programs succeed.

  • Mentoring Agreements

    Incorporate the critical sign-off and agreement stage right in to the mentor-matching process.

  • Announcements

    Keep your whole mentoring community in the loop with system-wide announcements content.

  • Event Registration

    Create private or open mentoring events that support free or paid registration.

  • Workspaces

    Offer system users the ability to share important documents related to their mentoring program right in the system.

  • Wall

    Build an active dialog with open or closed walls and discussions focused on mentoring experiences.

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Administrative Features

Your Human Resources team can now easily and effectively implement a successful mentoring solution thanks our software’s simplified administration tools.

  • Mentee & Mentor Management

    Everything from importing existing employee databases to building customizable user profiles is made easy with a suite of easy-to-use, permissions-based user management tools.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    We combine powerful out-of-the-box reporting and analytics with available customized report-building services to give your organization the data you need to evaluate mentoring-based talent management.

  • Security

    Let your HR team get granular with security through permissions-based system access, customizable user groups, usage reports, auditing, and more.


Mentoring solutions work best when part of a holistic human resources solution. Thanks to our Mentoring Software’s common platform and APIs, your mentoring solution will seamlessly integrate with other key human resources software as well:

  • Learning & Talent Management

    Our e-Learning, Talent and Mentoring Modules can share common system features such as user data and administrative tools, simplifying how a total talent management program is managed by your HR team.

  • 3rd Party Software

    Our Mentoring Software can be part of a consolidated, holistic solution combining 3rd party software and our talent management platform in one shared system using our ready-built Web Services and API layer.

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