Is your company doing all it can to foster innovation?

Every member of your organization was hired for the unique set of skills they bring to the table.

Talentova’s Innovation Management Solution will encourage your organization to create a culture of innovation, creativity, and change that enables your leadership team to learn more from your staff and benefit from ideas they may have.

We’ve created an online solution that allows easy idea-sharing and collaboration within a portal equipped with robust reporting and administrative capabilities. When an employee has an idea – anything from simple day to day changes to managerial functions – they can suggest it through the portal. The idea is then voted by on fellow employees and reviewed by leadership. If the idea is approved, it can be begin to be implemented, streamlining and quickening the process of change.

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Pick & Plan the Winning Ideas image

Pick & Plan the Winning Ideas

Give decision makers the ability to make organizational changes with unprecedented insight from every stakeholder and receive summary reports of ideas with major support. Leadership can manage the entire winning idea and selection process online with workflows, plus allocate and groom leaders in your organization to create teams and turn winning ideas in to actionable plans.

Team Building

Ensure each project is optimized by building a team from scratch that has the required skillset. A built in portfolio of each employee’s skillset allows management and leadership to select qualified and/or desired candidates for a team project. For example, if you need a web design project implemented, you can select employees outside the design department with previous web experience who can potentially bring new skills and fresh ideas to the team.

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Manage Projects with Reporting and Analytics

By fostering online collaboration focused on implementing specific ideas, departments or private social groups can work collaboratively to meet project goals keeping project team members on the same page with notifications and alerts features. Team members can also report and share project statuses as they progress via external social media applications or internal social collaboration systems.