Talentova’s Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) was specifically created for organizations seeking to simplify how key stakeholders develop critical job skills, maintain certifications, and build knowledge.

With implementations in the tens of thousands of users, our Enterprise LMS has a proven track record of scalability and versatility.

We examine each of our clients’ unique E-Learning needs and objectives and use our findings to plan an Enterprise LMS solution comprised of our system’s numerous modules and features that result in a solution perfectly-suited to each client.

Benefits of Talentova's Enterprise LMS

  • Easy-to-Use for Learners and Administrators
  • Dozens of Configurable Modules
  • Mobile UI for Learning on-the-Go
  • Custom Workflow-Driven Tasks
  • Custom Branding & Design
  • Learning Standard Compliance
Learn more about the numerous LMS modules and advantages offered by Talentova’s Enterprise LMS

How Learning Content is Delivered

The Enterprise LMS features numerous learning content delivery tools that simplify how learning content is organized and accessed by e-Learning Managers and Learners.

Courseware compliance

courseware content created in 3rd party authoring tools can be quickly stored and accessed in the LMS using learning standards such as SCORM.

Mobile UI

allows users to easily access learning content on smartphones, tablets, and traditional computers.

Intuitive Course Creator for On-The-Job, Blended, Instructor-Led, Webinar-Based Learning Sessions, and Online learning courses

simplify how multiple course types are managed by Instructors and Course Administrators.

Administrator-Driven Mass Course Registration

efficient enrollment of multiple learners in multiple learning activities.

Self-Service, Individual Course Registration

lets learners easily outline and pursue unique learning experiences.

e-Commerce Framework

offer paid e-Learning programs right alongside free programs in the same system.

Automated Prerequisite Screening

ensure learners are qualified and prepared to take specific courses that build on previous courses taken in the LMS.

Assessment Creator

gauge a learner’s retention of course material with randomized or structured assessments such as quizzes, tests, and more.

Automated Pass/Fail Workflows

automatically process passing course-taker profile data such as earned competencies, or prompt re-attempts for unsuccessful course-takers.

Notifications & Calendar-based Course Management

display and notify users of upcoming important deadlines, session schedules, and events.

Delivery of Learning Content
Planning, Tracking & Reporting

Planning, Tracking & Reporting

In order to build effective talent management from day one, our LMS allows your organization to set learning objectives, track progress, and report on user and system activity. These essential LMS tools ensure that your E-Learning program is effectively and efficiently implemented and managed throughout its lifetime.

Competencies & Skills Management

defining and monitoring what competencies users learn and the skills they earn.

Detailed Instructor & Learner Profiles

get overviews and reports of users’ e-Learning history in the LMS.

Learning Plans

enable learners to have defined learning objectives, including mandatory and recommended courses to be taken in specific orders.

Custom Certifications

create printable certificates for courses that can have learner data automatically inserted on a template.

Comprehensive System Reports

provide an in-depth look at user activity, course data, and more.

LMS Administration That Works
For Your Staff

Maintaining an effective e-Learning program gets easier when your LMS provides intuitive functionality for Administrators to effectively manage users, backend tasks, and stored learning content.

Multi-Tier Administrator Structure

create system-wide and department-specific administrators for easy distribution of administrative tasks.

Centralized Learning Object Repository

allow learning content creators to easily store and manage e-Learning content, documents and multimedia in the cloud.

Drag-and-Drop Workflow Designer

streamline how the LMS is managed by your staff with task automation and defined processes.

Version Control & Archiving

track content changes through versions, archive it when unused, and roll-back to previous versions.

Granular User Permissions

set system access and permissions by user, group, role, and more.

LMS Administration
Social Learning & Collaboration

Social Learning & Collaboration

Our LMS was created to support multi-learner environments scalable to suit any enterprise. We offer a range of communication and collaboration modules that help learners share resources, create dialog, and work together towards accomplishing common goals.

Social Learning Groups

public or private spaces where learners and instructors can work collaboratively to create and share learning content for specific teams and purposes.

Open or Moderated Discussion Forums

foster an engaged dialog in your LMS with open or moderated discussions that selected users can participate in.

Bulletin Boards

give communications staff an easy way to reach your learning community with a widget designed for posting critical updates.

Surveys & Polls

engage users with polls and surveys designed to synthesize experiences and feedback in to actionable data your LMS administrators can use.

Blogs & Wikis

great for instructors to reach out to learners via blogs, and for learners to collaboratively build content for specific tasks such as class assignments.

Integrate With Your Existing HR Systems

Although Talentova can offer a holistic e-Learning & Talent Management solution with software we’ve developed for numerous specific tasks, we’ve also created this software to be versatile and interoperable with 3rd party systems your organization wants to continue using.

APIs and Web Services

allow existing applications to share data and talk to our LMS through robust APIs.

LDAP & SLDAP Support

create custom data fields to match an existing user directory’s dataset.

Single Sign-On Support

allow users to log-in once for multiple applications by integrating with identity providers using the latest SAML SSO standards.

Custom Reporting Functionality

add reporting functionality that is tailored to your enterprise.

Easy Integration with your Existing e-Learning Systems